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If you’ve talked for 55 minutes of an hour interview, trust me, it didn’t go well.


“No I haven’t had time yet” is never the right answer to “have you looked at the Web site?” As matter of fact, it’s the wrong answer to any interview question.

Fashion counts or so says my “post grad in the office” blogging assistant. Latest commentary (under her breath of course): “Honey, your bag is not fierce. Your julietta in canada bag is the love child of Pepto Bismol and a drugstore.”

If you’ve been working for five years, no one really cares about your sophomore year summer internship. Lose it on the resume.

Unless a man is here for something other than job advice, leave the cologne at home.

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Entry Level Ain’t So Terrible

So often recent grads tend to get the shaft when it comes to annual salary. However, there are some entry-level positions in finance and analysis that go against this standard. If you’re a recent grad and you’re interested in these fields, be sure to check out this list of 10 High-Paying Entry Level Jobs from AOL Jobs. Happy job hunting!

Tough Questions

Think about any interview you’ve ever had. What kinds of questions were you asked? About your goals? About your previous work?

What about, “If you were shrunk to the size of a pencil and put in a blender, how would you get out?”

Companies like Goldman Sachs, Google, Aflac and others ask tough, specific questions to get a certain kind of answer. They want to see how you think, delve a little deeper into your personality than a normal interview might. What other kinds of questions are there? Take a look at this slideshow from The Huffington Post to find out: 15 Ridiculously Hard Job Interview Questions from Top Employers

New Facebook, New Job

As you’ve doubtlessly seen by now, there’s a new layout on Facebook. And Philadelphia-based HR professional Rich DeMatteo shows in his blog Corn on the Job just how you can put it to good use. Granted, it takes being a little graphically inclined, but you shouldn’t let that stop you. Check the article out here.

Chic in Your Cubicle

Certainly not Meredith and Lindsay, the two lovely ladies behind the blog Cubicle Chic. Fed up with drab office style, they started the Cubicle Chic blog to show others it’s possible to be fab in the working world. While Meredith and Lindsay mostly blog for ladies, there are contributions by and for men, as well! So check out Cubicle Chic today and get inspired to revive your office attire.

Bosses Overestimate Managerial Success

According to this Wall Street Journal article, many bosses are not the best managers they think they are:

Bosses Overestimate Managing Skills, WSJ

Dear Bev: How Can A Senior Magazine Pro Make A New Career In Digital?

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Take a look at job postings or talk to any recruiter: Digital is where all the action is these days. So how hard is it to get into the game if you’re a senior executive whose career and reputation is tied to traditional media?

Here are some recent lessons from 20-year print veteran Pam Daniels. She was a former publisher and just became the senior vice president of business development at 9Threads, a digital marketing agency focusing on beauty, fashion and retail. Her search took six months of intensive self-education and a healthy dose of determination.

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Dear Bev on Media Post: Hiring the Best

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Dear Bev: How Do I Explain Losing My Job When I Interview?

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Revenue: Make it or Save It

“There are always opportunities for people who have creative ideas about cutting cost or increasing revenue”
At least that’s what the head of global CEO search at Russell Reynolds told the WSJ in a recent interview. Great advice to keep in mind when you’re putting together a resume.  Information on revenue should rank high on the list of bullet point accomplishments.  In an  interview highlight revenue results for  your current and past employers as well as any ideas you have for your potential new employer.