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Want to Use Social Networking to Find a Job or Build Your Brand, but Not Sure How?

You’ve heard that social networks are an invaluable business tool, but you don’t know how to utilize them?

Read our extensive up-to-date guides developed by Beverly Weinstein, career expert and executive recruiter who has mastered the art of mining social networks for job candidates, on setting up your personal and business pages on Facebook & LinkedIn as well as how to use them strategically and appropriately to get your brand or yourself noticed on the largest social networking sites.

And because technology is always changing and evolving, DigitaLifeSaver will provide you with updates to keep abreast of the latest features, tools, and navigation tips.

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Build Your Digital Presence on LinkedIn®

LinkedIn® is considered the powerhouse of professional social networking with over 45 million users and one million more joining every two weeks. It’s the “new resume” that employers and recruiters turn to for candidate sourcing and information, a proven business-to-business connector and a great professional showcase. And because of its sophisticated SEO capabilities, your LinkedIn® profile is generally one of the first things that pop up when anyone Google’s your name.

If you’re serious about your career momentum, a professionally executed LinkedIn® profile can make a difference. Our DigitaLifeSaver package will help you create a vibrant, personalized profile, increase your visibility, and help you grow your contacts.

Create A Dynamic Profile

Here’s what we’ll do for you:
•    Write a compelling profile including a brief bio, key accomplishments and responsibilities. Copy will be submitted for your approval and we will do up to 2 revisions within the first 10 days.
•    Enrich your profile’s content with searchable keywords that will maximize your visibility to employers, recruiters, and potential clients.
•    Install relevant applications to help you engage and interact with your connections and the larger LinkedIn® community including polls, reading lists, and presentation sharing tools.
•    Guide you in obtaining the proper number of recommendations from the right people. According to LinkedIn®, this makes your profile 3 times more likely to be found in searches.
•    Provide a LinkedIn® Help Line to answer any of your questions during and up to 1 week after completion of the profile.

Here’s what we need from you to get started:
•    A current resume.
•    A digital photo (we can perform any cropping or resizing for you.)
•    Up to three websites you want included on your profile such as a company site, a blog, a Twitter account, or other social networking presence.
•    Key information you may not have listed on your resume personalizes your profile. Provide us with groups you belong to, sports and other activities.

Expand Your Contacts
Here’s what we offer:
•    Option 1: We’ll upload your contacts from your webmail client or address book, saving you valuable time and increasing your connections.
•    Option 2: Set-up personalized written instructions on how to easily integrate your contacts into LinkedIn®.
•    Option 3: DigitaLifeSaver’s helpline will walk you through the steps in person or on the phone.

In addition, we’ll:
•    Provide a follow-up tutorial on how to properly communicate and network with your current and future connections as well as general site navigation.
•    Install a new application that makes it easy to keep adding contacts for PC Outlook users.

Prices quoted on a case-by-case basis.

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Dear Bev also offers resume review services, interview skills training, and marketplace positioning coaching sessions. These services are available individually or as a bundled package.

Many of today’s job seekers find themselves unprepared or uneasy about embarking on their job hunt. Some haven’t re-written their resume or gone on an interview in years while others may be trying to transfer their skill sets into another area of the industry that they haven’t conquered before. Still others may just need a refresher course on tackling the marketplace and many who are new to the scene and could use some pointers on what employers are looking for from an insider’s perspective. No matter the category you fall into, Bev’s long term experience as a recruiter and media executive can help you build the tools you need for an effective job search.

Please visit our Contact page to inquire about these services.